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Articles and tips to help Print It Fast Online customers create files for printing.

CD Cover Design Tips

Using eye-catching CD Cover art to help promote your music makes perfect marketing sense. When designing your CD Cover art for print, keep in mind that it will probable be used in digital format as well. CD Cover art for … Continue reading

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Build Your Business With QR Codes

Businesses and organizations of all sizes know the value of having a strong business marketing plan. Keeping up with the latest technology and consumer trends can help you stay ahead of the game when it comes to promoting your company, … Continue reading

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Fundamental Press Kits for Bands and Musicians

A Musician Press Kit is a “must-have” promotional tool for all bands and musicians. It is the primary way bands and musicians introduce themselves to potential venues, record labels or promoters. Print It Fast Online is your one online source … Continue reading

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Choosing A Custom Brochure Printing Company

Choosing a printing company to print your custom brochures may be something you want to do before you begin your design. A good printing company that offers free brochure product templates and design or production tips, will help you get your custom brochure design started in the right direction and will certainly make the job of designing a brochure easier for you. Continue reading

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Brochure Design Checklist for Beginners

Businesses and organizations of all kinds and sizes use brochures to promote their products and services. A properly designed brochure can be a very useful and versatile tool for marketing because it allows you ample space in which to convey your message to the reader. Continue reading

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