CD Cover Design Tips

Using eye-catching CD Cover art to help promote your music makes perfect marketing sense. When designing your CD Cover art for print, keep in mind that it will probable be used in digital format as well. CD Cover art for printing should be created in high res CMYK mode. When you need to use it for digital purposes, you can easily convert your CMYK file to an RGB version after your design is complete.

Print It Fast Online provides FREE CD Cover and CD Tray Card templates to ensure you create your artwork to the correct printing specs. Using a CD Cover Template helps simplify the CD Cover design process. Consult the Print It Fast Online Design Guide for more tips on creating an art file that will print correctly.

What are the first steps towards creating an outstanding CD Cover design?

Before you start your CD Cover Design, you should talk to the artist or band about their music project and get a feel for their musical direction and what they have in mind. Listening to the album can really be inspirational and help you create a CD Cover design that complements and captures the essence of the music project. Just Creative Design has an interesting article on “How To Design A CD Cover By Listening To Music” which you may find useful.

Think outside the box and don’t just do the same old portrait of the band or artist posed on the cover. Using an image of the artist is fine, but you should do it in a different and innovative way. The goal is to capture the attention of the consumer and make them want to listen to the music that sparked the creation of such an amazing CD Cover.

Inspiration and Resources

Full Color Printing Resources has an informative article about CD Cover Design with links to some great CD Cover Design resources as well as album art photoshop tutorial sites.

For even more inspiration, take a look at the websites of a couple of talented CD Cover Designers: has some beautiful CD Cover designs definitely worth browsing and has an amazing portfolio of CD Cover designs.

Getting Your CD Cover Design Printed

Having a fabulous CD Cover design won’t matter much if you don’t use a quality printer to complete your project. Print It Fast Online provides high quality custom printing for CD Covers, CD Tray Cards and CD/DVD Sleeves. For larger quantities, choose our full color offset printed CD Covers, printed on 100 lb. gloss book with a durable eco-friendly Aqueous Coating.

Need smaller quantities? Our Short Run Digital CD Covers and CD Tray Cards are the perfect solution for quantities as low as 50 and fit into every budget while maintaining the high quality you expect from Print It Fast Online.

Design your amazing CD Cover, then use an amazing printer, Print It Fast Online, to ensure the best printed results for your next CD project.

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