Fundamental Press Kits for Bands and Musicians

Band Musician Press KitsA Musician Press Kit is a “must-have” promotional tool for all bands and musicians. It is the primary way bands and musicians introduce themselves to potential venues, record labels or promoters.

Print It Fast Online is your one online source for all the essential printed components you need for the perfect press kit.

Band or Musician Press Kit Elements:

  • Folder – Print It Fast Online offers Custom Printed Folders to hold all your press kit material.
  • Cover Letter - Always include a cover letter with your press kit. It is best to make contact first, then send the press kit.
  • Biography – The biography should be a brief musical history on the band or musical artist including musical influences.
  • Contact Info Sheet – It is vital to include several ways a potential vendor, promoter or manager can contact you. Put it all neatly on a one page contact sheet.
  • Lyric Sheets – Lyric sheets are crucial if you are sending out a Demo CD of original music to a record label or promoter.

The Print It Fast online 8.5  x 11″ full color flyers on 100 lb. gloss book or full color flyers on premium 70 lb. uncoated text are perfect options for printing your press kit cover letter, biography, contact sheet and lyric sheets.

  • Business Cards – Choose from several printing options for your press kit business cards including printing one or two sides, full bleed, matte or gloss finish, or durable, eco-friendly Aqueous or UV coating.
  • Posters- If you get booked, the venue may appreciate high quality full color posters to market the event.
  • CD Covers, CD Tray Cards, CD SleevesCD Covers and CD Tray Cards fit standard or slim jewel cases and are perfect for Demo CDs. For those on a budget, custom printed CD Sleeves are a less expensive alternative for packaging and distributing Demo CDs.
  • Stickers – If you are budget conscious, you can use a generic presentation folder and put a custom printed sticker on the front.

Let Print It Fast Online to help you put together an amazing press kit for you or your band. Print It Fast Online is dedicated to providing top quality printed products at low prices every day. Customer service is our top priority at Print It Fast Online.


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