Design Tips for Printed Bookmarks

Bookmarks are a wonderful and inexpensive marketing tool for promoting events such as book signings or book store grand openings. Get creative with your bookmark designs for an outstanding bookmark that recipients will be happy to keep.

Bookmarks can be printed in a variety of sizes which is one thing to keep in mind when you start working on your bookmark design. Using a bookmark template will help ensure you create your bookmark art file to correct printing dimensions.

Summer Reading Program BookmarkThink about bold colors and an eye-catching graphic at the top of your bookmark. Reader’s enjoy seeing an interesting, colorful or fun graphic peeking out of their current reading selection as it decorates the coffee table.

If you are promoting a specific event, such as an author’s tour, make sure you incorporate graphics and copy pertaining to the particular author or book content. You can also use bookmarks as part of the marketing materials for a summer reading program.



Baby Birth Announcement BookmarkThe clever design to the right was given to friends and family as a unique birth announcement and treasured keepsake.

If your shop is in a tourist spot, offer a variety of printed bookmarks along with postcards for travelers wanting a memento of their journey.

Using bookmarks as a free gift with the purchase of a newly released book is also a great promotional idea.

Tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep your bookmark design simple and uncluttered. Don’t try to put too much information on the front of your bookmark.
  • Print on both sides of your bookmark. Make good use of space by printing your bookmarks on two sides. If you have a lot of  information, putting some of it on the back will allow you to use graphics with maximum impact on the front.
  • Use bold, eye-catching graphics. Use graphics or artwork related to your event, author or book to create a bookmark your customers will enjoy and want to keep.
  • Do have your contact information on your bookmark. Your web address, email or phone number should be on your bookmarks if you have a business or event you are promoting.
  • Get inspired! Look around for design ideas and inspiration. Great ideas can be found all around you. Be creative and have fun with your bookmark designs. Visit Standout Bookmark Designs to see more unique bookmark samples.

Always use a dependable, quality printing company to print your color bookmarks. Print It Fast Online offers a variety of printed bookmark sizes and finishes. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards for all our printed products. Print It Fast Online is your best source for color bookmark printing.

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  2. Your web address, email or phone number should be on your bookmarks if you have a business or event you are promoting. Get inspired! Look around for design ideas and inspiration

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