Designing Effective Color Flyers

Flyers are an essential marketing tool you can use to promote your business, organization or event. Using full color printing instead of black and white or one color for your flyers is an excellent way to grab the attention of your target market.

Utilizing full color for your printed flyers is a great start, but for maximum impact you need to follow some simple guidelines when creating your full color flyer designs. When designing your full color flyer, it’s important to know your customers and create a flyer that will connect with them in the most effective way.

Your flyers should stand out by presenting your information in a unique and creative way while still being readable and uncluttered. Using no more than two fonts families will give your design a more professional look and make it easier to read by potential customers. It’s important to use a bold typeface for your headline. Using bold, regular and italic versions in the same font family will also provide variety while keeping your design more cohesive and visually appealing.

Another key element that will attract customers and add interest to your design is the use of photos or illustrations. There are a few excellent ways to incorporate images into your design.

Use your most interesting, eye-catching photo or illustration at the top of your flyer for maximum visibility.

Use one large image instead of many small ones placed randomly throughout the flyer.

If you want to use several images, group them for a stronger visual impact.

One of the most essential elements to your full color flyer design is having commanding copy with a “Call to Action” such as “Order Now”. A bold or catchy headline written specifically to hook your target market is a must-have. Clearly define what you want your customers to do and encourage them to act immediately. Make sure you let your customers know how your products or services will benefit them. Encourage customers to act now with incentives or discounts.

Follow these guidelines and your full color printed flyer will be a bold, powerful and unique marketing tool sure to attract customers and stand out from the rest. Print It Fast Online has Free Flyer Product Templates and a Design Guide to help you create a unique and creative full color flyer that will make a lasting impression on your customers.

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